Associational life

In accordance with the statutes, the Monegasque Association for the Protection of Nature aims to:

- Manage the Marine Protected Areas of the Principality of Monaco by implementing protection, knowledge and sustainable development measures;
- To propagate the idea of protecting nature, of better use of its resources and of stimulating its realization by all appropriate means;
- To encourage all actions and studies carried out in this direction;
- To propose the creation of new Marine Protected Areas;
- To carry out aquatic and underwater activities in relation to the management of Marine Protected Areas, whether recreational or professional diving.

The AMPN's means of action are based on research programs, scientific monitoring, publications, conferences, exhibitions, events for all audiences and the organization of events linked to the social purpose.

To help it in its missions, the AMPN relies on numerous volunteers who, through their skills, promote their implementation. In addition to the teams of volunteers, partnerships with private structures are regularly established in order to achieve the objectives set.

To find out more :

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