The AMPN's mode of operation is based on two distinct types of governance linked to its associative status and its role as manager of the Marine Protected Areas (MPA) of Monaco.

Governance specific to the association

The AMPN is administered by a Board of Directors vested with the broadest powers. The office is made up of a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary General and a Treasurer. The other members of the Board of Directors have specific skills in the fields of communication, education, science, participatory science, diving and ethics.

The AMPN also has a Scientific Council made up of highly qualified people whose skills cover all areas linked to the missions of the AMPN. This Scientific Council is responsible for advising, guiding and supporting the AMPN in the context of all issues related to the management of Marine Protected Areas (management plan, scientific monitoring, research work, etc.) and more generally with those relating to the object of the association.

AMPN has three permanent employees who occupy the positions of Director, Project Manager and Project Officer. Their role is to carry out all the actions planned by the association linked, for the vast majority, to the implementation of the Monaco Marine Protected Areas Management Plan.

Governance specific to the management of Monaco’s Marine Protected Areas

The management of Marine Protected Areas is entrusted to a National Monitoring Committee for Marine Protected Areas, to a Coordination Group for Marine Protected Areas and to an organization with the capacity of manager (the AMPN).

The National Committee for Monitoring Marine Protected Areas has the following missions:
- to validate the five-year management plan and the action program;
- to validate the overall budget of the five-year management plan;
- to appoint the person responsible for managing the Marine Protected Areas acting for the manager;
- to ensure the proper management of Marine Protected Areas and the accomplishment of the missions entrusted to the manager;
- to implement any action or carry out any task which may be entrusted to it by the Minister of State in relation to Marine Protected Areas.

The missions of the Coordination Group for Marine Protected Areas are to ensure the continuity of the activities of the National Monitoring Committee between its meetings, and in particular:
- to ensure the consistency of the five-year management plan and the associated action program with public policies, and the implementation of this plan and this program;
- to determine possible technical and financial assistance to be provided to projects falling within its management objectives.

The Manager's missions are:
- to develop a five-year management plan, which determines the protection, knowledge, development and sustainable development measures in Marine Protected Areas as well as its associated action program;
- to implement the five-year management plan for Marine Protected Areas and the associated action program;
- to propose to the National Committee for Monitoring Marine Protected Areas a person responsible for managing these areas to carry out its missions;
- to participate, in its capacity as manager of Marine Protected Areas, in activities or bodies relating to the management and international networks of Marine Protected Areas;
- to manage all other related activities entrusted to it by the National Committee for Monitoring Marine Protected Areas.

You can find hereafter the official documents:
- L'Ordonnance Souveraine n° 6.984 du 20 juin 2018 relative à la création et à la gestion des aires marines protégées. -
- L'Arrêté Ministériel n° 2018-611 du 20 juin 2018 relatif aux aires marines protégées du Larvotto et du tombant des Spélugues. -