MPA Awareness

Overall, and particularly in the field of the marine environment, awareness is of crucial importance due to the many challenges that marine ecosystems face.

It informs the public about the importance of ecosystems and encourages them to support conservation measures and adopt behaviors that respect the seas and oceans.

It highlights the dangers of marine pollution and encourages people to reduce their use of plastic, participate in land or sea clean-up initiatives, and support policies to reduce pollution.

It plays a decisive role in the preservation of endangered marine species by presenting in particular the threats they face, whether overfishing, the destruction of their habitats or climate change.

It promotes responsible management of marine resources and encourages consumers to make more environmentally friendly choices.

It highlights the effects of climate change and encourages the promotion of sustainable energy practices.

Finally, for coastal areas and tourist destinations, it can promote sustainable tourism by highlighting the importance of protecting marine ecosystems, avoiding harmful activities and encouraging environmentally friendly practices.

Thus, considering its determining role, awareness has been one of the objectives of the AMPN since the creation of the association. This objective is also one of the main axes of the Monaco Marine Protected Areas Management Plan and is expressed in different ways.

Raising awareness among schoolchildren

Many interventions are offered in primary schools in the Principality of Monaco.
Various workshops are offered to students allowing them, for example, to play the role of manager of Marine Protected Areas; to learn in class, according to scientific protocols, to count corbs and groupers; or measure the vitality of a Posidonia meadow by learning to count leaf bundles.

A 7ème class from the Principality carrying out workshops near the Larvotto MPA.

Raising awareness during general public events

Every year, the AMPN carries out awareness-raising activities as part of Monaco Ocean Week, whether among adults or young people. Interventions also take place during the “Science Fair” organized by the Monaco Scientific Center and the Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology of Monaco, the “Environment Day” or the “European Week for Waste Reduction” (EWWR).

Awareness raisong among young generations during the Science Fair and the European Week for Waste Reduction.

Finally, conferences are regularly organized on various themes related to the purpose of the association.
- 2022 : Dr. Alexis PEY, Effet Réserve des Aires Marines Protégées de Monaco -
- 2018 : Pr. Patrice FRANCOUR, Les récifs artificiels : visions modernes d’un concept vieux de plusieurs siècles -
- 2016 : Pr. Patrice FRANCOUR, Méditerranée : une mer en pleine mutation biogéographique -

In-situ awareness raising

Awareness campaigns are carried out among users of Marine Protected Areas, on land and at sea, to introduce them to the right actions to adopt to preserve the environment.
Collaborations are established with hotels and restaurants on the outskirts of Marine Protected Areas in order to work together to protect the marine environment. Awareness-raising actions take place on the public beach for the general public during the summer, and for children from the Kids Clubs of partner hotels.
Partnerships have been established with numerous private actors such as the CESMM, theFMPS or the SMA  who share our commitments.
Theoretical and practical training is provided to volunteer divers to help us with citizen science operations aimed at collecting data.
All our partners also participate in the cleaning operations carried out each year.
- 2023 : Monaco Info Report, Fête de la science -
- 2022 : Monaco Info Report, Environnement : Nettoyage des fonds marins du Larvotto -

Volunteers gathered after the cleaning of the Larvotto MPA in 2023.

Raising awareness via communication tools

All actions carried out by the AMPN are disseminated to the public through our social networks (Facebook, Instagram, YouTubeLinkedIn), communication media offered by the CAM or by other partners, but also through the written press and television. Finally, the AMPN regularly appears in various documentaries.
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