Monitoring of human activities

The two Marine Protected Areas (MPA) of Larvotto and Spélugues drop-off, created respectively in 1976 and 1986, are two sensitive areas of the Monegasque coastline presenting rich biodiversity, including Posidonia meadows in the Larvotto area and coralligenous in the area of Spelugues.

These MPAs, given their location in an urban environment, are subject to strong anthropogenic pressure. On the other hand, they offer significant potential for raising awareness and educating a wide audience about the marine environment.

The hotels and the recently rehabilitated Larvotto beach welcome many tourists throughout the year who frequent the Larvotto MPA. In connection with this frequentation, developments have been carried out (development of the perimeter of the beaches, submerged geotubes to fight erosion, anti-jellyfish nets) and navigation channels for private use are marked within the MPA . In addition, certain activities linked to recent urbanization work at sea continue within or around MPAs, requiring, for example, regular environmental monitoring.

View of the beach section of the Larvotto MPA.

In its capacity as manager of Marine Protected Areas, the AMPN carries out various monitoring:
- Monitoring the use of navigation channels in the Larvotto MPA during the summer season and major events (Grand Prix and Monaco Yacht Show), carried out since 2016;
- Monitoring of attendance at the water body located on the outskirts of MPAs during major events (Grand Prix and Monaco Yacht Show), carried out since 2017;
- Monitoring of attendance by professional and recreational divers in MPAs, carried out since 2022;
- Monitoring the attendance of nautical activities (motorized and non-motorized) in the Larvotto MPA, carried out since 2022;
- Monitoring of attendance at swimming areas.

The data collected makes it possible to ensure the adequacy between human activities and environmental protection and to make, if necessary, the necessary adjustments.

The AMPN permanent team carrying out the various monitorings.