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Marine Educative Area "Generation 6": Trophic webs

Marine Educative Area

This morning, the students of 7ème A at Saint-Charles School, responsible for the MEA for the academic year 2023-2024, were introduced to the concepts of trophic networks.

After a brief presentation on terrestrial food chains and ecosystems, these concepts were applied to the marine environment. The students thus understood the importance of algae and seagrass as food sources, as well as the crucial role of top predators in regulating herbivore populations.

Putting these concepts into practice through a card game created for the occasion by the AMPN team, each student participated in a competition to be the first to build a complete and stable trophic pyramid. Special cards, representing human impacts on ecosystems, were used to degrade opponents' pyramids.

This activity, both educational and entertaining, was highly appreciated by the students, helping them grasp the importance of each species within these complex networks.

The program is supported by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and the Government of Monaco.

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