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Marine Educative Area "Generation 6": Posidonia

Marine Educative Area

The students of the 7ème A of École Saint-Charles, in charge of the MEA for the 2023-2024 school year, went to the premises of the AMPN for educational workshops on the theme of Posidonia.

After a presentation on the equipment used by scientific divers (tank, stabilizer vest, regulators, dive computer, submersible tablets, quadrats, etc.), the students slipped into the shoes of managers.

They followed a first workshop explaining how scientific divers assess the health of Posidonia meadows. Using a model, they counted the leaf bundles in a quadrat in order to know the density of the seagrass, a measurement that can be used to determine the state of health of this marine plant.

The second workshop allowed them to consider solutions in the event of degradation of the meadow. Another model allowed them to understand and simulate an experimental Posidonia restoration protocol developed by Dr Heike Molenaar. The students clearly understood that restoration solutions are only effective if the phenomena causing the deterioration have been identified and stopped.

This day marks a new stage in students’ understanding of how marine ecosystems work, which will allow them to better protect their MAE.

Program supported by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and the Government of Monaco

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