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Marine Educative Area "Generation 6": Marine mammals

Marine Educative Area

This morning, as part of Monaco Ocean Week, the AMPN along with representatives from the Pelagos and ACCOBAMS agreements secretariats led awareness workshops on cetaceans in the 7ème A class of Saint-Charles School, responsible for the Marine Educative Area.

The Pelagos agreement introduced students to the different species of marine mammals in the sanctuary and the threats they face daily through the Whale Risk card game.

ACCOBAMS, with the cooperative game CETAMER, explained to students how human activities and cetacean conservation issues can coexist.

Finally, the AMPN presented a workshop on the "sound of the oceans" to demonstrate how marine animals produce and use sounds, as well as to explain how human activities disrupt the underwater sound environment.

Students appreciated this opportunity to discover cetacean species living nearby, or even within their MEA.

A big THANK YOU to the representatives of the Pelagos and ACCOBAMS agreements for their participation, and to Saint-Charles School for their commitment!

This program is supported by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and the Government of Monaco.

You can also follow the actions of the MEA on Instagram: ame_monaco.