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Marine Educative Area "Generation 6": Brown meagres and Dusky groupers

Marine Educative Area

This morning, the students of 7th grade class A at Saint-Charles School, responsible for the Marine Educative Area, attended a workshop on brown meagres and dusky groupers.

They first discovered the characteristics of these endangered and protected heritage species, including their habitat, behavior, reproduction, and geographical distribution.

Then they immersed themselves in the role of scientific divers. The students were divided into three groups: divers, brown meagres, and groupers. The divers followed a land-based route to note down the fish encountered on a tablet, using the protocol employed by underwater scientists. Meanwhile, the students in the brown meagres and grouper groups "swam" in front of the divers, adopting behavior similar to that of these fish. All students took turns playing the three roles.

This workshop, both fun and educational, shed light on the challenges faced by scientific divers in identifying and measuring fish due to their speed and tendency to flee. The students also deepened their knowledge of these emblematic species and their importance in the ecosystem of their Marine Educative Area. A big thank you to all the students for their active participation and commitment to our oceans!

This program is supported by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and the Government of Monaco.

You can also follow the actions of the MEA on Instagram: ame_monaco.