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Marine Educative Area "Generation 6": Action for the Sea

Marine Educative Area

This morning, we experienced an exceptional moment with the presentation of "Action for the Sea" by the students of the 7ème A class of École Saint-Charles, in the presence of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco, numerous dignitaries, and marine professionals.

The ceremony began with a rendition of the song "Time for Oceans," illustrated by images from Mr. Christian Petron.

The students then explained their interest in fish and their habitats. The knowledge they acquired throughout the year, as well as their understanding of the issues surrounding the preservation of the Mediterranean, motivated them to share their "expertise" with other students in the Principality. To do so, they used the "Genially" platform, an interactive content creation tool, through which they presented the workshops they participated in, incorporating educational and fun sequences.
Genially Link

The students then hosted a game titled "Questions pour un poisson", where adults, equipped with electronic devices, were "put to the test," demonstrating that children can indeed pass on their knowledge!

We extend a big THANK YOU to all our partners who contributed to the success of this project: the Government of Monaco, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the Department of National Education, Youth and Sports, Mr. Claude Morfino, the Management of Saint-Charles School, the permanent secretariats of ACCOBAMS and the Pelagos Agreement, le Méridien Beach Plaza, Mr. Christian Pétron (Cinémarine), Ms. Géraldine Parodi, Mr. David Gamba (FMPS), La Pêcherie U Luvassu Monaco, Doctors Heike Molenaar, Elisabeth Riera, and Alexis Pey (Thalassa Marine Research & Environmental Awareness), Mr. Stéphane Jamme (Aquanaute Expertise), and the companies Encore Global and DSTP!

A huge BRAVO to the students for their dedication and commitment throughout the school year, as well as for the remarkable presentation of their work at this event.

And once again, our congratulations to Mrs. Carine Fiandrino Barber, the 7ème A teacher, whose skills made this project possible!

Photo credit: Jean-Pierre Debernardi