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Posidonia presentation at École de Fontvieille in CM1 class : Intervention 1


On Monday, January 8, and Friday, January 12, the AMPN intervened in the 8ème classes A and B at the Fontvieille school. This marks the first of two interventions focusing on the theme of Posidonia.

After a brief introduction to the concepts of species, habitat, and ecosystems, the students discovered Posidonia and became aware of the importance of the seagrass meadow for other marine species and for humans. Indeed, Posidonia serves as a source of food and provides shelter for numerous marine species consumed by humans. It also plays a crucial role in protecting beaches and coastlines against erosion.

Subsequently, the students took on the role of scientific divers by simulating the counting of the leaf density of Posidonia using a model and counting quadrats. As is the case with terrestrial plants, the leaf density of Posidonia is directly related to its health. A healthy plant has many leaves, while an unhealthy plant loses its leaves.

The students showed great interest and actively participated. We look forward to meeting them again to address the threats facing these underwater meadows.