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MPA presentation at École des Révoires in CM2 class : Intervention n°1


On Monday 5th and Tuesday 6th February, the AMPN intervened with the 7th grade classes A, B, and C at the Révoires school.

This intervention marks the beginning of a series of three sessions on the theme of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).

The first part of the presentation aimed to explain to the students what an MPA is, why they are established, and what ecological benefits result from them.

Then, the focus shifted to Monaco's MPAs, with particular emphasis on Larvotto. The different habitats present (seagrass, sand, rocky areas, etc.) as well as the species they harbor (fish, crustaceans, mollusks, etc.) were presented, along with the actions taken to ensure biodiversity conservation.

The next intervention aims to take the students to the field, along the Larvotto MPA, so that they can step into the shoes of the managers through various workshops.

We greatly appreciated the dynamism and interest of the students.

A BIG THANK YOU to the teachers and the school management of Révoires for allowing us to raise awareness among future generations.