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Conference on Posidonia restoration during the Monaco Ocean Week


Today, on the occasion of Monaco Ocean Week, Dr. Alexis Pey from Thalassa Marine Research presented the protocol for active restoration of Posidonia seagrass, implemented in the Larvotto Marine Protected Area (MPA).

This innovative protocol, developed by Dr. Heike Molenaar, was initiated in 2021 to test its efficacy. Today, with three years of data, the results are remarkable: all transplanted cuttings have survived, and the number of leaf bundles has increased from 5965 in 2021 to 7045 in 2023 (a 15% increase). The next monitoring campaign will take place in April 2024 and is expected to confirm these encouraging results!

A big THANK YOU to the RAMOGE agreement for organizing this informative event, providing a platform during which the three member countries could share their different restoration approaches. Together, we strengthen our commitment to preserving Mediterranean seagrass meadows for future generations!